Spray Tan St Albans

Spray Tan St Albans

Our spray tan of choice is Fake Bake, popular with beauty experts and celebrities. Award winning Fake Bake will give you the most natural looking tan…Find out more…

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Spray tan St Albans

Fabulous Spray tan

Ask the Expert

Q. When did Spray Tanning become popular?

A.  Self- tans or fake tans as they are more commonly known have come a long way since the first orange streaky tans were first on our shelves. We now know it’s possible to achieve a natural-looking tan without sun damage thanks to quality self tanning products.

Before tans were popular….

Before the 1920’s it was considered a sign of poverty to have a tanned skin and therefore the untouched by the sun fair complexion was considered the height of beauty (think of Titanic and the Great Gatsby).

Coco Chanel changed things….

In 1923 Coco Chanel sailed along on one of her yacht trips in Cannes and returned a bronze godess. Her new sun-kissed look was a hit and became the next new fashion and beauty trend that rocked the industry.

Following this, celebrities and socialites were booking trips to tropical destinations in winter and using sunlamps to tan their porcelain skins.

First tanning product ‘Man Tan’…

The tanning fad continued for all women of all classes with women using tea bags to mimic a tan during World War II. 10 years later ‘Man Tan’ hit the market, the first fake tan product. The Man Tan was made  from a chemical in sugar cane which causes a browning effect among the skin’s surface. This was approved by the FDA in the 1970’s and is used in most self-tanning products today.

Development of Fake tan products means no more smell and orange skin…

The first self-tanning products left the skin with an orange streaky effect. In addition was the awful fake tan smell, caused by DHA in it’s unnatural form.

Today’s self-tan products are largely absent of the smell and orange look by using use a much more natural form of DHA. Scientists have also developed special tanning products for the variation of skin tones in the face and body.

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