Spray Tan near me

Spray tan near me

Here at Spray tan near me we use award winning Fake Bake, the tan of choice for celebrities.

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Spray tan near me

Spray tan

Ask the Expert

Q. Which spray tan do you use and why?

A. Fake Bake is the leading professional self tan and spray tan brand in the UK used in salons and by mobile beauty therapists.

The Fake Bake spray tan is the fastest professional spray tan application available, only taking 10-15 minutes to apply from start to finish. It is also fast drying so you are completely dry by the time the treatment has finished!

Even application…

We use a spray tan gun to apply a fine mist of the Fake Bake Tanning solution which gives a lovely even colour. In fact, it is generally believed that a professional spray tan application provides the best tanning results. This is because the atomised Fake Bake tanning liquid is applied to the skin perfectly uniform. You can also choose from a natural or darker looking spray tan depending on your desired look.

Natural look and smell…

Professional Fake Bake spray tan gives you an instant sun-kissed look which then develops into a long lasting fake tan. It combines naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose ­which guarantee longer lasting (up to 50% longer), more natural-looking results.

Besides the colour which looks golden as opposed to orange, it also has a very pleasant smell unlike the usual biscuity smell which can give away that you are wearing fake tan.

It is also free from parabens and artificial preservatives and has instead developed their own solution using botanical ingredients instead.

At KM Beauty we….

Ensure your Fake Bake Spray Tan looks great everytime! Out therapists will advise you on how to prepare your skin for your tan using as well as preparing you at the beginning of the treatment. We do this by applying a protective cream to your elbows, knees, feet and hands where the color can become tell tale if tan builds up there. We also provide you with a disposable cap, underwear and sticky feet to protect your hair and soles of the feet.

and finally…

It is the choice of celebrities and beauty experts, so if you want to a tan like Jennifer Anniston then Fake Bake is dare I say becoming the best fake tan available!

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