Spray tan Luton

Spray Tan Luton

At Spray Tan Luton specialises in Fake Bake Spray Tanning. We will come to your home so you don’t need to face the public or step in the rain after your spray tan!

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Find out how to prepare for your Spray Tan……

Spray Tan Luton

Ask the Expert

Q. How should I prepare for my spray tan?

A.  Follow our top tips below to get a long lasting even colour from your Fake Bake Spray Tan.

Don’t worry….

You are in good hands. KM Beauty will ensure your tan looks flawless and natural. However, by preparing and looking after your new tan you can ensure your tan lasts that bit longer.


The best way to prepare for your tan is to gently remove dead skin cells by using a body scrub a day or 2 beofre your spray tan. Because your skin cells renew every 3-4 weeks you don’t want to apply your lovely new spray to dead skin that is ready to fall off.  Also, by exfoilating you will provide a smooth even canvas for the spray tan to adhere to. This will also ensure you get the longetivity out of your spray tan.


Keeping your skin well hydrated will ensure your tan is even and smooth. Paying particular attention to dry areas such as the knees, heels and elbows will avoid the tan concetrating in these areas which is often the tell-tale sign of a fake tan.

On the day…

Before your therapist arrives ensure you have removed all of your make – up and any body creams, lotions etc. Do not moisturise as this can create a barrier between the spray tan and the skin. Remove all jewellery and anything that can create a line on the skin. Your therapist will provide you with disposable pants, a hair cap and sticky feet to avoid the tanning liquid that drops to the floor from sticking to the bottom of your feet. An oil free moisturier will applied to any dry areas of skin and your knees, ankles, elbows and lightly over the feet and hands.


So now you have your fabulous looking tan which will be developing over the next 8 hours to it’s full potential. You wake up with your lovely tan which you want to keep forever and ever, we understand! To get the most out of your tan we recommend using an oil-free moisturiser every day to keep your skin hydrated. We also suggest not to use an oil based moisturiser as this can lift the tan out your skin. By keeping your skin hydrated your tan should last a good 7 days before it starts to fade.

And remember… although you can’t keep your spray tan forever you can always have it done again!

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