• Fake Bake Original Spray Tan
    The first spray tan solution introduced by Fake Bake that never goes out of fashion

    Results: A gorgeous and natural-looking holiday looking tan

    Perfect for: Spray tan novices

    Most Suitable for: All skin tones and skin types

    15 minutes

  • Fake Bake Darker Spray Tan
    Includes higher concentrations of naturally-derived, premium tanning agents for a deeper tan

    Results: A deep and exotic tan

    Perfect for: Those who covet a darker tan

    Most Suitable for: Medium and dark skin tones and all skin types

    15 minutes

  • Fake Bake Professional Manual Application Tan
    An excellent alternative to spray tans if you prefer a cream based tan without comprimising on results.

    Most Suitable for: Dry skin types and all skin tones.

    45 minutes

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