Microblading Markyate

Microblading Markyate

At Microblading  Markyatewe offer you the most natural looking brows however your natural brows might look.

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Microblading Markyate

Before and after Microblading Markyate

Ask the Expert

Q. What happens during the Microblading procedure?

A. Upon arrival the technician will apply a numbing cream to your brows whilst you complete your consulation forms. We then discuss your expectations, brow shape and desired colour although the technican will advise you to ensure the best possible result.

After the consultation the technician will draw a template of your new brows onto your skin by carefully measuring the aspects of your individual face/eye shape to ensure the new shape is both flattering and natural looking and both brows are even. The shape can be tweaked until you are both happy with the shape of the brows.

Next, the colour is then selected based on your natural skin tone and requirements. Some clients who change their hair colour may wish to go lighter or darker than their natural brow or someone who’s hair is going grey may wish to make the colour a little more subtle. Different pigments can be mixed together and can be warmed or cooled using pigment masks to give you a customised brow colour.

Following this the Microblading which is perfomed using a manual pen-like tool which implements the pigment into the skin in tiny hair- like strokes.

In total the procedure takes around 2 hours and a top is required 4-12 weeks later to perfect the brows.

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