Microblading London

Microblading London

At Microblading Watford we are current looking for models to have the full Microblading procedure plus top up for 50% off the full price. If you are interested in being a model…contact us

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Q. Is Microblading right for me?

A. If you find yourself picking up a brow pencil, stencil, gel or powder to fill in your brows each morning then Microblading is for you. Generally microblading is suitable for everyone and anyone who is over 18 and is not currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Some medical conditions may just need a Doctor’s note to be on the safe side.

So how does it work…

Tiny hair like strokes of pigment are drawn onto the skin using fine blades in a manual hand held tool. This results is fine crisp strokes that look like real hair. Your technician can create a complete new brow if you don’t have any brow hair due to overplucking or medical conditions such as Alopecia or Cancer. In addition, Microblading can be used to fill in sparse or patchy brows or to even out uneven brows to give them more symmetry.

We can also customise the pigment to suit your natural skin tones and desired look. Much like when you have your hair coloured we can mix together different pigments to create the perefect shade for you and add an undertone to either warm or cool down the colour. With most colours we add a warm pigment mask at the end of the treatment as the pigment typically heals cool.

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