Microblading Bedford

Microblading Bedford

Here at Microblading Bedfordshire we can fill in your sparse or uneven brows or even create brows if you dont have any! Welcome to Microblading.

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Microblading Bedford

Microblading before and after

Ask the Expert

Q. Will my brows look red or even scab after Microblading?

A. Your brows will likely have some redness after the treatment but generally they look pretty good straight after the procedure. Following the procedure your brows will need heal for 2 weeks after. During the healing process the redness will reduce a day or 2 after the treatment and then they will shed some dead skin and feel a little bit tight like after sunburn.

In addition during the healing process the brows will be darker straight after treatment to 40-70% lighter a few days later and then eventually reveal their true colour.

At the end of the treatment your technician will give you specific after-care products to use straight after the treatment and during the healing process to ensure the best results.

Finally your technican will advise you to avoid getting your brows wet or putting any make-up etc on the area for the next 2 weeks. Your will also be given advice for 2 weeks prior to the treatment including avoiding Retinol, sunbeds, tinting etc.

Also note Microblading is unsuitable if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, under 18 or prone to Keloid scarring. All of this will be discussed with you prior to the procedure to ensure Microblading is suitable for you which in most cases it is and in some cases a Doctor’s note may be required for some health conditions.

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