LVL Lashes Hampstead

LVL Lashes Hampstead

LVL Lashes Hampstead. Lift, Volume, Lengthen! The LVL Lash Lift is the U.K’s no.1 Lash Lift treatment taking the beauty industry by storm.

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Q. Which nail shape best suits me?

A. Each individual is unique and has their own set of nails, each  different in length, size and shape. As Beauty Therapists we not only need to take into account your desired look but also what is the most flattering for your nail shape. For example, short nails will not be able to achieve the trendy stilletto shape, but will look great in a squoval shape which is also one of the strongest nail shapes.

Below is our guide to the diffrent shaped nails and which may be best for your natural nail shape:

Oval – Ideal for shorter hands or short fingers as gives the illusion of length. 

Almond – Classic and classy, choose if your nail beds are long and narrow.

Square – Great for long fingers and long, narrow nail beds.

Squoval – Suits all. Also a very string nail shape if your nails aren’t so strong.

Coffin/Ballerina – high-maintenance nail shape. Suits squoval shapes.

Stiletto/Pointed – elongates hands. Wear if you want to make a statement.

Round – ideal if you have short fingers with short or narrow nail beds.

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