Gel Nails St Albans

Gel nails St Albans

At Gel nails St Albans we offer Gel polish pedicures and manicures which are known to last for 21 days without smudging or chipping. We also offer a wide range of colours and desgins to suit your mood and taste.

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Gel nails St Albans

Gel nails

Ask the Expert

Q. Are gel manicures and pedicures a risk to health?

A. Some medical experts are warning us that gel polish may be dangerous because of the UV exposure which is used to dry the nails. Also, there are chemicals in the gel polish that might damage your nails.

But is this true?

The occasional gel manicure or pedicure is not likely to cause any  damage from the UV as the skin is only exposed for a few minutes at a time and the UV dose is very low. Medical professional suggest if you are concerned about UV exposure use an SPF sun-cream on your hands prior to the treatement.Keep in mind the nail plate would need to be completely free of any lotions, creams or other products or the gel nail polish will not adhere correctly.

Some women have reported that their nails have become dry and brittle after using gel polish. It is not known if the chemicals in the polish or the soaking in Acetone for 15 minuutes to remove the polish is the cause.  It is therefore essential to have your gel nails soaked off by a professional and follow with a natural manicure to give your nails a break to avoid any damage.

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